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Our Story


Elias Bizios is the son of a viticulturist. He was born and raised in Asprokampos, Nemea, a mountainous village that has an altitude of 900 meters.

His choice to deal with the family vineyard was almost a one-way street, since his love for the earth and the vine did not leave him any other options. His vocation did not only remain in the land.

He envisioned making wine and through that traveling the taste of Greece to the world. He built his winery on the far end of his vineyard and he expresses the everyday life of the grape in the wine he produces. His beloved variety is Agiorgitiko, dark crimson like the blood of Hercules, who the legend has it wandered in the same area to kill the notorious for the era lion of Nemea.

Bizios Estate’s wines are the genuine expression of the unique terroir of Asprokambos and blend the old with the new keeping the tradition alive today. The organic vineyards with absolute respect to the environment are ideally expressed through the organic wines they produce.


Mainly clay soil, lime rich, known also as Calcareous Clay. These soils stay cooler and retain water and are famous for producing some of the boldest red and white wines in the world.


Cold, wet & snowy winters, with low average temperatures (dropping below zero between December and March) are followed by rainy Spring. Summers are hot with temperatures hiking above 30 Centigrade during the day, but the night breeze cools down the heat load from the vines. All vines are dry planted as the rainfall and snow provide adequate watering.


The Agiorgitiko is a fragrant red-wine grape. The hallmarks of the grape are low acidity, medium body, plush fruitiness, overlaid by notes of spices and ripe plum.


Built at the entrance to the Asprokambos village, surrounded by vineyards and overlooking the Zireia mountain – whose cold currents benefit grape growing in the village – is our modern winery with 200 tonnes capacity, xxxxx stainless steel fermentation and ageing tanks, with a superb cellar in the basement where are wines age in oak barrels.  The winery’s current output is 25.000 bottles, with a maximum capacity of 80,000 bottles.