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The winery Bizios Estate was founded by Elia Bizios in 1998. His aim is the creation of superior wines of high quality.


Wines of Nemea

Greece is the country with the largest and most ancient traditions in viticulture and vinification. The Greeks created the god of wine, Dionysos, who was loved and worshipped as no other. More specifically, the vine rich region of the Peloponnese of Homer with 600,000 acres (6,000 hectares) of vineyards, constitutes the largest vinicultural region of the country. Focusing our attention still more on the region we are led on the path of demigod Hercules to “The Mother of Red Wine”, Nemea, in the vinicultural region where we find Ktima Bizios.

The winery Ktima Bizios was founded by Elia Bizios in 1998, following in the footsteps of his father, who started the family business 50 years ago, and in which he himself deals from a young man. His aim is the creation of superior wines of high quality.

Our efforts are aimed in the production of high quality wines while maintaining respect for the environment and its biodiversity. Using modern technology and tradition but also our experience, we make authentic wines that truly express the vineyards (terroir) from which they emanate.

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